Battle of the Bulge

xx June 2019 € xxx from Boeblingen & Wiesbaden
      € xx from Kaiserslautern & Ramstein



The Battle of the Bulge, also known as Hitler’s great gamble, was Nazi Germany's last major counter-offensive of WWII.  On 16 Dec 1944 the Germany Army launched a massive surprise attack called "Operation Watch on the Rhine" catching the Allies off-guard.  This offensive created a bulge in the Allied front lines as the German Army's push attempted to divide the Allies and break through to regain the important Belgian port town of Antwerp.  With Antwerp under German control Hitler believed he could bring the Allies to the bargaining table and negotiate a peace treaty which included a Nazi Germany still in power.  He nearly succeeded.  Hitler lost his great gamble due to harsh winter conditions, major logistical problems, and undoubtedly the incredibly heroic efforts of the 101st Airborne and the 10th Armored "Tiger" Division who held critical road intersections of Bastogne despite becoming completely surrounded.  This siege of Bastogne lasted from 20 to 27 December, until the American forces were relieved by elements of General Patton's Third Army.  The Battle of the Bulge ended 25 Jan 1945, and the Allies would go on to win WWII in Europe on 8 May 1945. 

Itinerary (subject to change)

1st Day:

Departure from Böblingen, Panzerkaserne PX parking lot at 04:00 am. Departure from Wiesbaden Washington Str. corner JF Kenned Str. at 05:15 am. Departure from Kaiserslautern Daennerplatz P+R parking lot at 06:30 am and from Ramstein Shell Autohof bus parking lot (€ 5 per day parking fee) at 07:00 am. Join us for this full day tour as we learn about this historical battle and remember those who have gone before us.  We will first travel to the Luxembourg American Cemetery where Gen Patton is buried for a visit and then head to the unique National Museum of Military History in Diekirch, Luxembourg.  We continue on to Bastogne, Belgium to walk alongside the 101st Airborne Foxholes near Foy (of Band of Brother's fame), see the impressive Mardasson Memorial, and visit the Bastogne Barracks where Gen McAuliff's HQ was located.  A local guide for the Barracks will teach us about his famous "Nuts" response.  Lastly, we'll have free-time in the vibrant modern European city of Bastogne where you can enjoy their chocolates, beer, and reflect on the day's adventure before returning home.  It is recommended to bring plenty of snacks for the day as our lunch will be a quick 30 mins at a cafe while we're enjoying the Mardasson. Late evening return to points of origin.